Diseño 1Pz.

Creative recycling. 

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1Pz.” is the italian abbreviation for “one piece”. This name is a statement of intent for the creation of unique objects: prototypes inspired and created through a direct approach with materials and shapes extracted directly from them.

The placement “1Pz.” is placed in the labels next to the trading price of a product to indicate the quantity of the goods to the value indicated on the label. The choice of Acronym refers to the commodification and the aesthetics of industrial production but for us it’s just a provocation. Our intent and our methods are diametrically opposed to those serial production and mass, in fact all the projects of 1Pz. arise from the recovery of raw materials sought right between the waste of consumerism. So, an old armchair 60s is reincarnated in the chair “Callea” or a plank of wood for construction and waste of aluminum from a printing comes the series “Alu”.

1Pz. is an initiative of Francesco Guarino and Isacco Vasapollo born in 2005 in Milan (Italy).

For example


Table lamp or floor lamp consists of a glass-domed white cylinder-shaped and rounded by a suspension of three articulated arms that allows the switching on and off , simply press the dome to operate it , you will then activate a switch with string of sight between the base and the bulb
The base, the arms and the joints are raw brass for the base model , meaning you can practice other variants oxidation (aging) , and chrome shiny or dull .
The ignition system is semi hidden so the idea is that the lamp as a whole to replace a switch.
The rounded shape of the dome and the springing enhance the value of tactile and visual giving a feeling of softness and play. In addition, this type of operation and the form easy to find and the ‘ power of the light in the hours of darkness .
One of the problems in the design phase has been heating of the dome after hours of operation , the problem solved with the use of a cold light lamp . The materials used and the mechanical combined aesthetics make sure the lamp is raising a retro placed in an area between the antique and imitation.
It ‘ a lamp handicraft production that falls into the category ” lighting – furniture elements ”
The cost of production is about 75 Euros , the price in the store may exceed 200 EUR .



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